William Friedkin Dispels The Exorcist Curse

For a long time now there have been stories of certain film productions being “cursed,” and one of the top projects always mentioned has been The Exorcist.

Recently JoBlo reported on a list of bedeviled productions and had this to say regarding Friedkin’s masterpiece…

Before audiences began vomiting and blacking out during screenings of William Friedkin’s film, the production itself was beset by numerous bizarre occurrences. From the death of a nightwatchman and a special effects worker to film crew suffering from dysentery and sunstroke, everything that could have gone wrong did on the set of the film. Ellen Burstyn injured her back and was bedridden, actor Jack McGowran died suddenly a week after wrapping the film, and the set burned down at one point and the film [was set] back six weeks. Eventually, Friedkin had an actual exorcism performed on the production, and once that happened, no further disturbances were recorded. Now that is a curse.

Sounds spooky, huh? Well… maybe not. Friedkin recently offered his two cents via Twitter…


Yep, that’s how you put the old kibosh on things!

the exorcist movie poster - William Friedkin Dispels The Exorcist Curse

Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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