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Looking for the PERFECT way to spend your Halloween season viewing time? In severe need of a fun and spooky night in? Well then, pay attention because it’s time to grab some candy and have yourself a monstrous marathon of killer fright flicks – ONLY on the EPIX 31 Days of Halloween with the Hollywood Extra Pack.

What’s even more awesome? This weekend (October 13th-16th) is free preview weekend at Sling TV starting today!

The EPIX 31 Days of Halloween’s Hollywood Extra Pack movie premiere lineup for this weekend at EPIX is pretty impressive too. TrollTroll 2 and Maniac are scheduled to premiere this weekend on top of being free.

The calendar for on 31 Days of EPIX is as follow:

10-1 Cloverfield
10-2 Town That Dreaded Sundown
10-3 Maggie
10-4 Vatican tapes
10-5 Leprechaun: Origins
10-6 Scouts Guide
10-7 Saw VI
10-8 Saw 3D: Final Chapter
10-9 Stigmata
10-10 Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimensions
10-11 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
10-12 Toolbox Murders
10-13 Knock, Knock
10-14 Troll
10-15 Troll 2
10-16 Maniac
10-17 Candyman III
10-18 Crazy Eights
10-19 House on Haunted Hill
10-20 2001 Maniacs
10-21 Sleepaway Camp 2
10-22 Sleepaway Camp 3
10-23 Night of the Living Dead
10-24 Return of the Evil Dead
10-25 Doc of the Dead
10-26 Zombie
10-27 Horror High
10-28 Fido
10-29 Dark Ride
10-30 Autopsy
10-31 Jack Frost

So, go check out EPIX on Sling TV and partake in this 31 Days of EPIX, especially during this preview weekend. Go to sling.com/epixhalloween for more details.

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