Gamescom 2016: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveals Zombies in Spaceland; Goofiest Zombie Murder Since Dead Rising


For all that zombies have over-saturated just about every medium they have touched, there is still one place they have yet to ware out their welcome. I’m talking about Call of Duty‘s hit side project, the Zombies minigame. Ever since World at War, the mode that originally started out as an Easter Egg has since turned into the sole reason some fans purchase the game. The mode has seen many iterations so far, ranging from good old fashion Nazi Zombies to aliens. Some of the installments have been more well received than others, but the underlying theme has always been buckets of fun. With the newest installment, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we see the triumphant return of the zombie archetype. Only this time, with way more lasers, disco, and sick 80’s ‘tude. Check out the trailer for “Zombies in Spaceland”:

Now, as a child of the 90’s, I’m not super into retro nostalgia that isn’t <i>CatDog</i> or <i>Are You Afraid of the Dark?</i>. What I am a fan of is squishing zombies in dinosaur jaws and vaporizing them in disco laser-storms.  The last installment, “Shadows of Evil,” was far more of a black comedy, so I’m looking forward to the more colorful and lighthearted take. I’ll have more information soon when I check it out first hand, so stay tuned or check it out yourself withe <i>Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare</i> drops on November 4th.

zombies in spaceland



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