Dig on Robert Sexton’s Groundbreaking 360° Music Video for Incite


The VR 360° video for Incite’s “Life’s Disease,” the latest track off their album Oppression, finds the band again tapping the horror movie aesthetic of veteran director Robert Sexton. The immersive video premiered on The Wall Street Journal website.

Richie Cavalera, Incite’s vocalist, says music videos have always been important to the band, and he believes virtual reality is just what the format needed to help stay relevant in the age of YouTube and other online video outlets. The video stars popular tattoo and hard-rock model Shonda Mackey along with horror movie actress Elissa Dowling.

From the original WSJ submission:
Robert Sexton: “Incite’s ‘Life’s Disease’ is the first-ever concept-driven heavy metal video shot in VR. We trap the audience in various immersive environments where we built an occult underworld packed with imagery that’s designed to whip viewers into a state of frenzy. The visual action is designed to draw attention to specific details of the narrative and performance, but the audience can also explore the space on their own terms. VR is defining the future of both shared viewer experiences and storytelling. We’re pioneers in this space. Every piece of content we create forces us to reinvent everything we know about filmmaking and how an audience interacts with a story.”

Follow Robert on Twitter, @hollywoodasylum, and keep in touch. He’s currently in pre-production on a few immersive projects that will expand and explore this storytelling potential.

Robert Sexton - Dig on Robert Sexton's Groundbreaking 360° Music Video for Incite

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