Scary Endings Welcomes You to the Circus in Series’ Season 1 Finale

scaryendings clown 750x422 - Scary Endings Welcomes You to the Circus in Series’ Season 1 Finale

Director John Fitzpatrick and his crew are back with the final episode of Season 1 of their monthly Scary Endings horror anthology series, this one titled “Welcome to the Circus(and if clowns unnerve you, this one is sure to terrify).

Written and directed by Fitzpatrick and starring Adrienne Smith, Guilford Adams, Miles Chandler, and (according to Fitzpatrick) “one pain in the ass, half helium inflated balloon,” “Welcome to the Circus” serves as Episode 10 of the series as well as the first season’s finale.

Produced by director Fitzpatrick (along with Sarah Fitzpatrick, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, Brian Chandler, and Adam J. Yeend), the filmmaker told us of the film, “Scary Endings has been kicking the better part of the production team’s ass for the last ten months so we decided to end with something fun, and what’s more fun than clowns and children and balloons, especially on a dark and stormy night?”

Regarding the future of Scary Endings, Fitzpatrick offered, “’Welcome to the Circus’ is indeed the finale of Season 1, but certainly not the end. You will be able to see the full Scary Endings series at ScareLA this August, and very shortly one of our popular episodes, “Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol,” will be playing during the Midnight Madness block at Filmquest Film Festival in Utah, with other festivals coming up.”

He continued, “Plans are already under way for a second season, and we are looking to premiere the first episode sometime in early September. There are no concrete storylines to divulge as of yet, but we do know that this go-round we want to explore more creature and ghost-like storylines and see if we can up the bar even more. Also being tossed around is giving next season an overall thematic arc to play with and to see if we can expand our storytelling a little. The first hurdle is done: We know we can create one short each month. Now, what we’d really like to do is to see if we can reach something akin to an episode of ‘American Horror Story,’ only in five minutes, with no budgetm and shot on weekends. I don’t know… that might be impossible, but then again we thought five-minute ‘Twilight Zone’/’Tales from the Crypt’-inspired episodes shot on weekends with no budget would be impossible, too, and I think we did okay [with that]. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I think we managed and pulled off some pretty crazy stuff!”

Be sure to subscribe to the “Scary Endings” YouTube channel for past and future episodes (or watch them all below), and follow them on Twitter @scaryendings for updates.

On a stormy night while babysitting her nephew, Andrew, Aunt Brandy finds herself stalked by a clown who’s straight out of her nephew’s toy Jack in the Box. The circus has come to town…

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scaryendings clown - Scary Endings Welcomes You to the Circus in Series’ Season 1 Finale

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