valentines die - Graham Denman's Horror-Comedy Short Valentines Die Is a Must-Watch

Graham Denman’s Horror-Comedy Short Valentines Die Is a Must-Watch

Los Angeles filmmaker Graham Denman tipped us off to his “killer Cupid” short horror-comedy Valentines Die a few days ago, and frankly, we can’t get enough of this CryptTV-distributed, pitch perfect parable on the dangers of Valentine’s Day cheating.

Written and directed by Denman (who also provides the voice of the film’s homicidal cherub), Valentines Die stars Arielle Brachfeld (Chemical Peel), Matt Mercer (Contracted), and Dan Creed (Bastard).  It’s produced by Rudy Scalese; Adam Lima handled the film’s VFX, with practical FX delivered by Ron Karkoska and Mark Villalobos; and the score is by Andy Garfield. Editing duties were handled by Karl Armstorn.

Said Denman of his inspiration for Valentines Die, “I really love when I can see something I’ve never seen before in a film. When I came up with the idea for a killer Cupid flick, I couldn’t believe nobody had every done it before, and I scoured the Internet. I mean, we have Leprechaun in the Hood [so] how do we not have a killer Cupid movie? Sure enough, there was nothing to be found that was even close!”

With only four days of prep, one day of principal photography, and four days of post, Denman said of the hilarious (and well done) allegory, “I wanted to create something fun, weird, and entertaining; and the idea made me feel that we could do something special. Also, I wanted to send a message. Kissing counts. Cheating (in a relationship) is not limited to sex, and unless you want to face the consequences, be good to the one you love and respect them. Don’t cheat.”

A young couple’s romantic evening is disturbed when the woman’s real boyfriend arrives and catches them in the act – and so too does a very vengeful Cupid. When you cheat on Valentine’s Day, be prepared to cheat death because Cupid is always watching.

You can see the film below.  (Warning: Depending on your employment situation, it may be NSFW).

valentines die - Graham Denman's Horror-Comedy Short Valentines Die Is a Must-Watch


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