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Troma Releasing Better Late Than Never Bigfoot



bigfoot - Troma Releasing Better Late Than Never BigfootBob Gray’s Bigfoot was actually one of the very first of the new wave of Sasquatchploitation flicks back when I got an advance look at the film in late 2005. Thanks to a snafu with another distribution company, Bigfoot is only now getting its long overdue DVD release nearly five years later and after a myriad of other killer Sasquatch flicks have come and gone.

Bigfoot (review here) tells the tale of a single dad returning to his small hometown of Mentor, Ohio, just in time for an angry Sasquatch creature to begin leaving behind a trail of dead animals and human corpses. It’s not a bad little movie, as you can tell from reading my review, certainly better than some of the killer Bigfoots to have come along since. Writer-director-producer-costar Bob Gray has told me that the DVD release will be a different, improved upon cut than the one I saw nearly five years ago.

Troma picked up Gray’s Sasquatchploitation entry after it languished unreleased by another now defunct distribution company for several years. March 30th will finally see the release of the better late than never Bigfoot. No official word on what extras will be included, but after talking to Gray, I am under the impression we can expect a commentary track, a making-of, and possibly another featurette or two.

Now how long until we get a Toxic Avenger vs. Bigfoot flick?

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