Scott Nicolay’s Noctuidae Brings Weirdness and Monsters in March

noctuidaes 300x169 - Scott Nicolay's Noctuidae Brings Weirdness and Monsters in March

If a book that falls in the genres of “horror” and “weird” with a side serving of kaiju-like creatures sounds up your alley, then read on for the details of Scott Nicolay’s Noctuidae, heading our way this spring from King Shot Press.

Monsters both human and otherworldly lurk in Noctuidae, a new weird fiction novella written by Scott Nicolay, scheduled for release by King Shot Press on March 11, 2016. Nicolay’s short story “Do You Like to Look at Monsters?” won the 2015 World Fantasy Award on November 8th at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY.

In Noctuidae, Nicolay not only returns to the caves of the Southwest, landscape familiar to readers of his highly rated debut collection Ana Kai Tangata, but also explores new, weirder terrain from the cross-cultural perspective of Sue-Min, a young woman who was one of many Korean children adopted by American parents since the U.S. first legalized international adoptions in the 1960s. Sue-Min; her boyfriend, Ron; and Pete, a friend with suspicious motives, take an impromptu hike into an Arizona canyon and find themselves trespassing first on rancher land, then on the territory of something else, something very big.

“In the middle of the night Sue-Min wakes up, and everything has changed in terms of her life and what’s outside,” Nicolay says. “It’s my version of a Japanese kaiju story as if perhaps written by Samuel Beckett.”

“Noctuidae has got this smart cosmicism meets Winter’s Bone approach that I immediately responded to as a reader,” says Michael Kazepis, publisher at King Shot Press.

Launched in August 2014, King Shot Press publishes books of prose and poetry. For more information, pre-orders, etc., visit

noctuidae 640x1024 - Scott Nicolay's Noctuidae Brings Weirdness and Monsters in March

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