Exclusive: Tony Todd Talks Dark Christmas, Hatchet 2, and Candyman IV

ttodd - Exclusive: Tony Todd Talks Dark Christmas, Hatchet 2, and Candyman IVRecently Dread Central had the opportunity to catch up with iconic horror actor Tony Todd, who was working on the film Dark Christmas and had a lot to say about some upcoming projects — including a return for Candyman!

Directed by Deon Taylor, Dark Christmas is a horror comedy about a reality show hosted by David Faustino (playing himself) who plays pranks on celebrities (a la Ashton Kutcher) that go too far. Todd, who also plays himself, is one of Faustino’s victims on the show.

For Todd, who is generally known for portraying some dark and creepy characters, playing himself wasn’t as easy as one would think.

It’s pretty surreal to play myself,” said Todd. “This is a first for me. When Deon sent me the script and it had my name in it, I thought he made a mistake. But then when I realized the context in which I was playing myself, I thought what he was doing with the reality of us as actors was pretty cool.

I definitely prefer playing characters that I can hang my hat on to playing myself though. I’ve been trying to hide myself all day on set with my sunglasses or even my hat,” Todd joked.

This isn’t Todd’s first collaboration with Taylor. In fact, the pair often talk about continuing their collaborations by reviving a certain horror franchise that put Todd on the map.

Todd explained, “This is the third time I’ve worked with Deon, and I definitely think he’s an up and coming talent in the horror industry. We’ve been talking recently about some of our ideas, including wanting to revive the Candyman franchise and keep the legend moving forward.

But with Hollywood’s recent trend of wanting to give beloved horror icons makeovers through remakes, is Todd worried that someone else will get his hands on the Candyman franchise before he can reprise the role again?

Maybe five years ago I would be worried about a Candyman remake, but I am just so busy now that I can’t really worry about it anymore,” said Todd. “Now, if I was invited to be a part of it, then I would be honored. If someone felt like they wanted to go in a different direction without my input, then that’s okay, too, but I think I’d really be able to tap into the energy of what that character was more than anyone else.

But Deon and I have some tricks up our sleeves, too, for Candyman so just sit tight for that because you never know what will happen,” teased Todd.

One upcoming project for Todd that starts production on January 7th is Hatchet 2. So, how does Todd feel about stepping back into the swamp with Victory Crowley?

Todd said, “Hatchet 2 has a great story, and I can tell you that Adam definitely steps up the gore from the first movie. We do get my character’s (Reverend Zombie) back-story this time, but I have a gag order on a lot of the details for Hatchet 2. What I can say is that it’s going to be a great ride for horror fans, and I can’t wait to start filming next month.

Look for more, lots more, on Deon Taylor’s Dark Christmas very soon.

Heather Wixson

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