Nick Antosca Talks Awesome Friday the 13th Reboot That Almost Was


The original plan for the next Friday the 13th film was that Paramount was going to go the found footage route, but those plans changed when writer Nick Antosca (“Hannibal”) was brought on board. Antosca and director David Bruckner devised a different idea, and though both are unfortunately off the project, this week we’ve learned a bit more about the reboot that almost was.

Speaking with Necronomicast, Antosca provided a bit more insight into the ’80s-set Friday the 13th film he and Bruckner were at one point working on, revealing that it was essentially going to be a big ole love letter to the original franchise.

I worked really closely with [David Bruckner],” Antosca said of the collaboration that almost resulted in what sounds like a truly awesome movie. “His idea from the first meeting was he wanted [Friday the 13th] to really have likable, real characters and to be set in the ’80s – Jason shows up and shreds everybody.”

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And that’s what we did,” Antosca continued. “That was the plan, and we had a great time. I went back and watched the Paramount ones, multiple times, because that was the spirit we wanted – starting with the ’80s Paramount logo and all that. [It was] an incredibly fun and rewarding creative experience. A while later I heard they decided not to do it in the ’80s. I’m bummed they didn’t do the draft, [but] I’m more bummed that David is not on the project [anymore].”

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