Primal Carnage Bundles Dino-sized Fun for the Holidaze!

Primal Carnage

Dinosaurs. You love them. You want them. They’re available on PlayStation 4 in Primal Carnage. Read on for details on a special holiday deal for those with a jurassic mentality!

From the Press Release:
Holiday downloadable content has come to Primal Carnage: Extinction this season with DLC packs for PS4, which are out now until January 5th. There are six different versions of the downloadable packs which all come wrapped into a bundle, all ready to make gamers’ holiday experience even brighter. With limited availability, the packs are only here for a short time, but can be used all year-round. Plus, the Holiday Game Bundle includes the game plus all of the packs wrapped into one package, for those who have yet to jump in on all the action.

Celebrate the season with themed Primal Carnage: Extinction PS4 packs, all for fans to enjoy. There are three packs, with the “Holiday Weapon Packs” featuring themed additions, like festive weapons such as candy cane guns, frosty dart guns, and toy striped tranq rifles. The “Dino Holiday Bling Packs” each contain three sets of holiday-themed earmuffs for the dinosaurs, and the “Santa Pyro Pack” contains a Santa-themed pyro outfit, a Santa hat that can be worn by any humans, and exclusive holiday-themed weapons. With a true holiday feel, the pack offers a merry gameplay experience where users can play as Santa and battle against the dinosaur team, all set with Christmas –themed weapons along with much more.

For a limited time only, the Holiday Game Bundle pack, available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States is up for grabs, which includes the Primal Carnage: Extinction game, all six DLC packs and a hand-painted theme, all for one low price. Primal Carnage: Extinction is the perfect mix of easy, fun and fast-paced action. It features unique dinosaur gameplay, specialized human classes, and an endless amount of thrilling “how will we survive” gameplay situations that are created by the clashes between humans and dinosaurs. Users are able to choose from 10 dinosaur classes, including the mighty T-Rex, deadly Raptors, and high-flying Pteranadon following a survival of the fittest model.

As the game is quickly growing its user base and expanding internationally, the holiday pack offers the chance for users to experience the game in a unique way. A distinctive take on the class-based shooter, users can play as humans and as dinosaurs, but can only play against those in the opposite species to hunt down their prey. Humans can use weapons among shooters to tranq, snipe, shoot, flame, or rocket their way to human superiority while dinosaurs rely on their natural abilities to attack, bite and physically take down enemies. Primal Carnage: Extinction is truly multiplayer, allowing up to 16 players hosted in online and LAN modes. It’s available in 17 countries and in four different languages, English, Spanish, German and French, offering opportunities for everyone to jump right in and enjoy all the game has to offer. With a growing and international user base, the game has also been released in countries throughout Europe.

All of the packs and bundle have gone live, so users can now celebrate the season with merry dinosaur vs. human combat just in time for the holidays. Plus, users will be able to spread the cheer by sharing it with their friends if they’re in the giving spirit. For more information, please see the links below to get the game or visit

Primal Carnage - Primal Carnage Bundles Dino-sized Fun for the Holidaze!

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