Jovovich Continues Tweeting Up a Storm From Resident Evil: Afterlife Set

Milla Jovovich continues her live Twitter updates from the set of Resident Evil: Afterlife, and not only are they informative, but some of them are damned funny, too! Get ready to dig on some highlights!

To follow along live, just hit her up @millajovovich

“One of the scenes we’re shooting today is the last scene in the movie and the guys had to invent something that could take a 3d camera that high and far,”

“The technology we’re using is all so new and cutting edge that you can’t just buy rigs premade to get the shots we want! Its so exciting though, to think that we’re inventing things on this movie that will probably be standard in 5 years time!”

“I fly a small aircraft in this film and they did a shot of it landing on the boat we’re on the night before last and get this, all the people who live in the skyscrapers around the harbor phoned 911 reporting a plane crash on the ship! how rad! they got HUNDREDS of call!”

“wow, ali larter’s ass looks amazing in her costume!”

“no offense, but can sony pictures not plug their other project on my twitter page? thanks!”

“So cool! (Director) Paul (W.S. Anderson) just told us the dailys from the last few days look INCREDIBLE!!! (dailys is the latest footage that’s been shot already)”

“They were of the big action sequence with Alice and Claire fighting THE EXECUTIONER who in reality is an 8 ft. tall heavy weight boxer! He has a HUGE axe and we’re in a prison shower, so every time he swings the axe, showers explode! So thru the whole scene its literally raining! so beautiful!”

Resident Evil: Afterlife is shooting in 3D and is expected to hit U.S. theatres in fall 2010 and throughout the rest of the world in the following months. Stay tuned for more.

mila - Jovovich Continues Tweeting Up a Storm From Resident Evil: Afterlife Set

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