Short Film Takes You Inside the Bounce House of Horror


A horror anthology that unloads a brand new short onto the web each month, “Scary Endings” has become a favorite here at the Dread offices, and today we’re happy to present the fifth of ten episodes. This one is called Bounce House of Horror!, and Tremors fans are sure to dig it!

Bounce House of Horror! is directed by John Fitzpatrick, written by Jessica Chandler and John Fitzpatrick. It stars Sarah Scott, Michael Alperin, Betsy Currie, and Miles Chandler. Producers are Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, John Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick, and Adam J. Yeend; and the series is shot by cinematographer Nicholas Kaat.

Each episode of the web series is a unique story and portrays different types of villains and supernatural entities such as ghosts, boogeymen, a jealous stalker, and an angry werewolf. Be sure to subscribe to the “Scary Endings” YouTube channel so you don’t miss future episodes!

Concerned moms Dawn and Jaime wonder why their children haven’t come out of a mysterious bounce house in the middle of the park; the mystery turns to horror when Dawn sends her husband, Dave, to investigate…

scary endings 674x1024 - Short Film Takes You Inside the Bounce House of Horror

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