Five Hilariously Disaster-ffic Minutes of 2012

I’m no fan of Roland Emmerich. With that said, his upcoming be-all, end-all disaster epic 2012 (opening November 12th) is currently tops on my list of most anticipated movies of the latter half of this year. Every trailer hypes 2012 as this terrifying end-of-the-world disaster thriller playing off real-life fears of what may lie ahead for us all in 2012, and then you watch this clip from the film and I defy you not to laugh.

The five-minute clip of John Cusack trying to get his family out of Los Angeles before massive earthquakes finally send the city sinking into the Pacific is vintage Emmerich. The special effects are top notch. The spectacle is undeniable. But in true Emmerich fashion, there’s something patently ridiculous about it all. Their reactions to the world collapsing around them play more comically mortified than genuinely horrified. A fake governator played by an actor doing a bad Schwarzenegger impression. Driving right through a collapsing skyscraper. Getting to a plane and still flying low enough to have to dodge debris. And then at the end the trailer turns deadly serious once again. Oh, the hilarity!

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  • Gus Bjork
    October 4, 2009

    They had a preview of this before Zombieland. I had one of those angel and devil on my shoulders moments. One voice saying this is stupid this is stupid this is stupid. The other saying yeah, but kinda cool. All those little doomed people trying to get off the crumbling overpasses and stuff…

  • IkeCarr
    October 3, 2009

    Hey, anything sinking or destroying California is getting a thumbs up from me.

  • October 3, 2009

    Why did the earthquake roar? 2012 my ass, this is Cloverfield 2. Mama Clover is pissed and just sank California.

    Also, why did no one say “Why are you flying so low to the ground you douchebag?!”? If they do that sort of thing I want an asshole character in the plane going, “We got a plane fuckers! You don’t!”

  • October 2, 2009

    I lurve disaster flicks.

  • DavidFullam
    October 2, 2009

    Well, at least it was better than the extended clip with him and the wacky radio show host. Not saying much, but you know.

  • frank_dracman
    October 2, 2009

    Looks like someone played the driving sections in Alone in the Dark.

  • Nibbets
    October 2, 2009

    The rolling donut reminded me of the one Simpsons halloween episode.

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