The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge Introduces Us to the Monster in the Closet

By Todd Rigney

15secondhorrorfilmchallenge - The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge Introduces Us to the Monster in the ClosetCan a movie truly evoke fear in only 15 seconds? Writer/director Wesley Alley’s short film The Monster in the Closet, part of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, attempts to send a serious chill down your spine in an incredibly short period of time. Does it succeed in its mission?

With its nimble use of imagery, as well as playing into the dreaded “monster in the closet” concept, I’d say the film does a pretty good job of getting under your skin. Of course, your results may vary.

From the Press Release:
Can you make a movie in under 15 seconds? Let alone an effectively terrifying scary movie in under 15 seconds?

The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit, free-to-enter online contest where celebrity guest judges will not only choose the Top 3 winners but will also share their personal favorites! Winners receive surprise horror gifts. Submission deadline is October 21st — you can submit as many as you produce! This year’s celebrity guest judges are Lloyd Kaufman, Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde, Kevin Martin, Felissa Rose, Tristan Risk, Jessica Cameron, Jennilee Murray, Jill Sixx, Uwe Boll, Lee Demarbre, David F. Sandberg, Steve McGinnis, Darious J. Britt, Stacey Valdez, Feel the Fear Entertainment, Cellar Door Film Festival, Here Lies, House of Targ, and Audrey’s Costume Castle. Lloyd Kaufman will feature the Top 10 on his Troma Movie YouTube channel of over 100,000 subscribers!

“The Monster In the Closet” is a 15 second film by Director Wesley Alley that is terrifying. It is a fear that anyone can relate to; all children are afraid of the monster under the bed or the monster in the closet. Sometimes these fears continue into adulthood, as people are too afraid to sleep with a hand or foot hanging over the edge of the bed. Starring Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin and Adam Quirch, this short film is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Think you can terrify folks in just 15 seconds? Then submit your film to the 15 Second Horror Movie Challenge. For more information, swing by the official website or the Facebook page. Before you head off to create your own 15-second masterpiece, check out The Monster in the Closet.


Monster in the Closet Image 1 - The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge Introduces Us to the Monster in the Closet