See the Short First Night in the New House and Help Make it a Feature


Writer/director Marc Fratto created a five-minute nightmare entitled First Night in the New House. The short is very effective at creating tension and sells it with a solid ending. Now Fratto and his co-producer Frank Garfi are looking to turn it into a full-length feature.

Take a look at First Night in the New House below and see if you don’t agree that it does a nice job raising the bar on the creep factor. Starring Katelyn Marie Marshall and Miriam Roth, the short is a quick glance into a night of terror that is certainly intriguing. The good news is the filmmakers would like to take you deeper into the story and make this project into a full-length feature film entitled The Crazy House.

After you’ve given First Night in the New House a viewing, take a trip over to the Crazy House Indiegogo campaign and check out some of the amazing perks that are available to those who donate to the cause. Also give The Crazy House Facebook page a “like”!


The Crazy House Synopsis:
Mob witness Ricky Donatelli and his family are put into the witness protection program and moved to a rural, isolated four-story farmhouse in Indiana. Shortly after arriving, they learn that their new house has a history of insanity and murder-suicides and has been dubbed “The Crazy House” by locals.

When the family’s daughter, Lydia, begins having terrifying visions of demons and ghosts, several superstitious members of the family begin to suspect that the house may be haunted. And when the men in the family decide to exploit the house by giving ghost tours to the locals, they attract the attention of both the Mafia and a one-eyed serial killer with a passion for ghost hunting.

With the Mafia closing in, Lydia’s visions intensifying, and the residents of the house unraveling, the Donatelli family races towards a violent, explosive finale. But is it really the house that’s making them lose their minds? The Crazy House will be an intense, mind-bending thriller that will blur the line between reality and fantasy.

The Crazy House




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