A Look at the Lost Halloween Footage

About three years ago Synapse Films’ Don May, Jr., announced an estimated 45,000 feet of negative outtakes from John Carpenter’s Halloween had been discovered. Things feel eerily silent, but today there’s been a bit of an update, although it’s not the kind we’ve been hoping for.

May and purchaser Billy J. Kirkus have hit a roadblock of sorts. There’s just too much footage for them to process (they’re still not sure what exactly it is that they have), and any attempt for drum up interest from Anchor Bay and Malek Akkad has fallen on deaf ears. This amazes us since Anchor Bay releases a new version of Halloween just about every year; you’d think the powers that be would consider this a goldmine.

For now the film just sits in a box, but May did give Fangoria a look at some of what they did process. Click the image below for more including some never-before-seen screen shots and some news about what YOU can do to help bring this footage home.

hallofootage - A Look at the Lost Halloween Footage

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Written by Steve Barton

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  1. Having done this EXACT same thing for Paramount and their Friday the 13th DVDs, I’m stunned at Anchor Bay’s indifference. What the hell are they smoking?

  2. Why the hell would anyone think that Malek Akkad would give a rats arse about this stuff… It’s only the precious lost (now found) footage from the film which made his father (and now him), his fortune. It’s only footage from the film which enabled the Akkad’s to turn out nine sequels (so far), and from that generate a worldwide gross of around $324,687,568. All the Akkad’s have ever cared about is money. Why would anyone think that Malek Akkad would care one iota about giving the real fans of the series a look at this footage in all it’s (potential) glory? If you can make +$70 million from a shitty remake/reboot, why bother with anything else?

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