Ever Wanted Alien Eggs Implanted Inside Your Body? Now You Can!

Just about everyone has a fetish, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. And while some may be fairly ordinary or socially acceptable, others are downright strange. Thanks to the internet, those with peculiar sexual appetites can find the right tools to make their carnal dreams come true.

Primal Hardwere (NSFW) has designed a phallic apparatus that will give folks the sensation of having alien eggs implanted inside their bodies. Although interested parties will have to make the eggs themselves — the company provides a mold for the eggs — at least they have the tools necessary to make this fantasy a reality. Not surprisingly, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

Vice writer Toby McCasker sat down with the owner of Primal Hardwere, who goes by the name LoneWolf. During the interview, the creator of the ovipositor explained how it works.

LoneWolf told the publication, “The idea is to replicate the act of being impregnated with eggs. Usually from an alien or insect. If you’ve seen the Aliens movies, you’ll get the picture. Many people find this sort of thing very arousing. The toys are simply phallic-shaped hollow tubes that can be used to insert gelatin eggs into oneself. There is a funnel-shaped hole in the bottom to receive the eggs, which are inserted one by one, forcing them up the tube and out the top.

The ovipositor creator added that he wants to help people achieve their sexual fantasies.

“I wanted to push the boundaries of people’s comfort levels, make them question their own erections and wet panties, and let them know their fantasies do not have to go unrealized.”

Be sure to read the entire Vice interview to learn more about LoneWolf’s admittedly unique contraption. And if you’re curious to see how it all works, check out the video below. Although there isn’t any sexual activity in the embedded clip, it’s probably still not safe for work.


Ovipositors Image - Ever Wanted Alien Eggs Implanted Inside Your Body? Now You Can!

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