confff - Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Upcoming Fan Film The Confession of Fred Krueger

Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Upcoming Fan Film The Confession of Fred Krueger

Nathan Thomas Milliner is an artist whose work is likely on display in all of our homes, as he’s the man responsible for many of Scream Factory and HorrorHound Magazine’s most memorable covers. But Milliner is also a filmmaker, and this year he unleashes his tribute to a horror icon.

Set for premiere at this September’s HorrorHound Weekend, and hitting the net shortly thereafter, The Confession of Fred Krueger is a short film that will serve as Milliner’s own prequel to the original Nightmare on Elm Street, telling the origin story of the so-called ‘Springwood Slasher.’

Not only has Milliner shared the short’s trailer exclusively with us today, which you’ll find below, but he also sat down for a quick chat about the film. And it wasn’t just the original Elm Street that inspired the short, he told us, but also a story that appeared in an old book about the film.

When I became a fan of the series it was in 1988 and I ordered ‘The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion,’ which was a book I believe published in 1987 that told of the making of the first two films,” Milliner explained. “Jeffrey Cooper wrote this book as well as the novelizations. Inside the book was printed an origin story about Freddy – long before the stuff we saw in Freddy’s Dead. Cooper’s prequel immediately captured my imagination. It was some dark and disturbing stuff but I was completely enthralled by what he had conceived. So my image of Freddy and who he was came from Cooper’s origin story blended with the first few Elm Street films.”

To me, Freddy could have never been a suburbanite dad or husband living amongst his prey,” he continued. “Freddy hated these people. He was motivated by the fact that he came from nothing and these people had it all. And he was never allowed to be one of them. The beautiful people. So my film is based on things that Craven laid down or spoke about in commentaries and such along with motivations from Robert Englund and Jeffrey Cooper’s wonderful and horrifying origin story.”

conffff 1024x683 - Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Upcoming Fan Film The Confession of Fred Krueger

For The Confession of Fred Krueger, Milliner cast his friend Kevin Roach (Volumes of Blood) in the role of the horror icon, and he says that the film is largely reliant on Roach’s commanding performance.

Kevin just was Fred. I could see it in him. In many ways, this movie only exists because I found the one guy who could do Freddy justice,” Milliner noted. “I think people are going to love him in this. Some will still say no one should play the role but Englund but hey, someone has to and I am glad I had Kevin on the other side of the camera. He’s terrifying and compels you to keep all of your focus on every word.”

This short was made completely out of my 25-year love affair for the Elm Street films,” Milliner asserted. “It was the first four Elm Street films that made me a horror fan. Today I work in the horror industry and Elm Street is directly responsible for that. I have been in love with these films since I was 12-years old and this film is my thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of those films. They inspired a kid to explore these same themes and this genre and it spawned a career. I am making it for myself and the fans and I can only hope other fans enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.”

I just want to thank Wes Craven for fighting for so many years to make Elm Street a reality. For believing in it. And also to Bob Shaye for believing in it and Wes and helping bring this gift to so many of us fans. You have my never-ending respect and admiration and thanks.”

Without further delay, check out The Confession of Fred Krueger trailer below, and “like” The Confession of Fred Krueger on Facebook to learn more!

confess - Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Upcoming Fan Film The Confession of Fred Krueger

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