Trailer for Sandler’s Spooky Shortcut


shortcutposts - Trailer for Sandler's Spooky ShortcutThe trailer for the first horror film being produced by Adam Sandler, “>The Shortcut, has shown up online and all in all I have to say I’m really not impressed. I don’t know why I would’ve expected something original to be produced by the guy whose not made an original film since the late 90’s; I guess I’m just an optimist sometimes.

The Shortcut, you may recall, is the story of a new guy, who is of course very good looking, moving to a new school, full of good looking people, who is warned not to take the town’s infamous shortcut, because (good looking) kids disappear when they do. And if you ever want a teenager to do anything, the quickest way is to warn them against doing it. Teenagers are stupid that way.

No word on when or how The Shortcut will be out, but since it’s got Sandler money behind it I’m sure a theatrical release isn’t out of the question. Check out the trailer below for a taste of how uninspired it really is.

Johnny Butane

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