5 Frightfully Festive Halloween Movies to Get You in the Spirit


Every October people flock to theaters to see the most recent Paranormal Activity abomination and feverishly search the web and Netflix for the latest in horror to get in the Halloween spirit. After all, if you want to get truly festive, a Halloween-themed flick is usually in order. Here are some frightfully festive Halloween-themed movies that are sure to get you pumped for the holiday.

terrorvision - 5 Frightfully Festive Halloween Movies to Get You in the Spirit

5. Night of the Demons, 1988
I will use any excuse to mention this movie. It’s Christmas Day… let’s watch Night of the Demons! A well-known gem among horror fans, Night of the Demons might just be one of the most perfect Halloween movies ever put on film. Its practical effects and plot create an atmospheric and fun horror movie. The 2009 remake with Shannon Elizabeth is one of the best remakes in years, and it also has a killer soundtrack.

4. All Hallows’ Eve, 2013
I’ll admit this is not one of my favorite movies or even a good movie. Still, it deserves a mention due to the effects, plot, and use of the ever popular and effective creepy clown device. All Hallows’ Eve plays on the classic babysitter convention and gives it a found VHS tape Halloween twist. With a mere 4.7 on IMDb, this is one you watch at your own risk. WARNING: The little boy in this movie ties with the kid in The Babadook for Most Annoying Child Actor. The upcoming sequel seems much more promising.


3. Rockula, 1990
Who doesn’t love an early-90’s vampire Halloween musical? Apparently, no one does because this is another film that is difficult to track down as it never made it to DVD (FYI, it is on Amazon Prime and YouTube). Rockula stars Dean Cameron as vampire Ralph, who is cursed to fall in love with the reincarnation of his first love every twenty-three years, only for her to die at the hands of a pirate on Halloween night. Co-starring 80’s one-hit wonder aficionados Toni Basil and Thomas Dolby, this movie crosses the line between downright delightful and terrible, aka you should watch it.

2. May, 2002
This movie serves as a PSA to watch out for that weird girl (or befriend her, whatever floats your boat). This early-2000’s cult film is a modern-day female twist on Frankenstein and is wonderfully creepy. With the Halloween-driven plot, this is one to add to your watch list this October. Currently available on HBOGo.


1. Trick or Treat, 1986
What do you get when you cross October 31 with heavy metal and devil worship? The 1986 film Trick or Treat, of course! Largely lost to the ravages of time and VHS deterioration, this heavy metal horror show is a cheesy delight. When I pull this movie up on YouTube, I can almost smell the weird mom and pop video store smell (if you’re over twenty, you know what I’m talking about). Featuring appearances by Gene Simmons and the motherfucking Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, this film is proof we need to bring back the heavy metal rock & roll horror movie RIGHT THE HELL NOW!




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