Anthony DiBlasi and Natalie Victoria on Reimagining one of the Best Horror Films of the Past Decade [Watch]


Dread Central recently had the good fortune to speak with master of modern horror Anthony DiBlasi and his actor partner, Natalie Victoria about their latest collaboration, Malum, which is a loose remake of DiBlasi’s 2014 film, Last Shift.

The duo opened up and spoke about what inspired the reimagining and how Malum and Last Shift coexist in the same space but work independently as standalone offerings. DiBlasi also spoke to the art of crafting an effective scare by way of location and sound design.

DiBlasi was at the helm of both Last Shift and Malum and Victoria plays Marigold, a sex worker with a heart of gold in both incarnations of the story.

Malum follows rookie police officer Jessica (played by Jessica Sula of Split) on her inaugural shift as an officer of the law. She is tasked with manning a rundown police station the night before operations relocate to a new facility. Jessica volunteers for the gig with the hopes of learning more about her late father who died at the very same station in a brutal murder-suicide. His puzzling demise came shortly after he made headlines by rescuing three young women from the clutches of a satanic cult led by the sinister Malum. In her attempt to put the pieces together, Jessica comes face-to-face with the very same evil that touched her father in his last moments on earth. 

We chatted with each of them one-on-one. And you can scope the respective interviews in the player windows below!

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