Director Adam Robitel Talks How He Got THAT Shot In ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ [Exclusive Interview]

snake adam robitel the taking of deborah logan

Adam Robitel burst onto the horror scene in 2014 with his found footage shocker The Taking of Deborah Logan. What starts as a heartbreaking medical documentary evolves into something much darker as the eponymous senior appears to not just be suffering from dementia. This film launched a career where Robitel directed Insidious: The Last Key, as well as helmed both Escape Room and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. His success in the horror world is inspiring to young filmmakers, which made him a perfect subject for the new documentary The Horror Crowd. Directed by Ruben Pla, he interviews members of the horror community to provide insight into the inner workings of our favorite genre.

In an exclusive interview in honor of the release of The Horror Crowd, we sat down with Robitel to talk found footage, his grandmother, and more!

Watch the full interview:

The Horror Crowd is available now on VOD.



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