EXCLUSIVE: Join Us for a Crazy Chat with FALSE POSITIVE’s Pierce Brosnan and John Lee

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HULU is flying its horror flag high with the release of John Lee and Ilana Glazer’s False Positive. We will have our review of this modern take on Rosemary’s Baby, motherhood and horror soon. But in the meantime, we have our exclusive chat with director John Lee and star Pierce Brosnan… and it’s a doozy. We talk about art, NFTs, and meeting Ilana Glazer in unorthodox circumstances.

Not familiar with False Positive? Let me give you a refresher:

This horror film directed and co-written by John Lee sees broody couple Lucy (IIana Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux) search for and find a doctor to oversee their fertility dreams. Everything seems perfect with Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan) but once pregnant, Lucy starts to get the feeling there is something dark hiding behind Dr. Hindle’s facade. But once she begins to investigate the doctor and her own pregnancy, she discovers horrors she could have not imagined. Co-starring Sophia Bush and Gretchen Mol.


This interview took place on a Sunday a few weeks ago. I honestly cannot say that I’ve spent many Sundays talking to Hollywood royalty about their careers as painters. Pierce Brosnan’s talent as an actor is perhaps only equalled by his talent as a painter. Both of which are only topped by Pierce Brosnan: The Philanthropist.

I’ve been a Pierce Brosnan fan for literal decades. My dad and I used to watch his portrayal of James Bond together on Sundays. So, to spend one of my Sundays with the actual Pierce Brosnan was quite special.

And, though I don’t want to give too much away, I found the movie very much to my liking. And John Lee is probably one of the best examples of transitioning from comedy to horror, following in the footsteps of contemporaries like Jordan Peele.

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You can catch False Positive exclusively on Hulu, a service which, if I’m honest, features a whole host of awesome horror content. If you want to talk about False Positive, feel free to reach us over on Twitter @DreadCentral. If you want to discuss who is the best-ever James Bond, and why it’s arguably Pierce Brosnan, hit me up @MarcosCodas.



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