10 Black Horror Gamers You Should Follow On Twitch Now

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We like horror video games here at Dread Central, which is why we spend a lot of time dropping in on live streams. We figured while we’re celebrating Black History Month, we should introduce you to some of our favorite Twitch streamers. Do yourself a favor and check out these 10 horror gamers on Twitch today.


Instagram: dafemalephenom 

Twitter: @DaFemalePhenom

DaFemalePhenom isn’t just a horror fan and badass horror gamer. She’s also the founder of the ScreamReapers team. Part of why we stan this streamer is because she makes time to raise autism awareness and mental health advocacy.  


Twitter: @BandicoErratica


It wouldn’t be an outlast game if there wasn’t a moment of absolute terror! #OutlastTrials #TwitchClips #Horror

♬ original sound – Erratic Bandit

Erractic talks food but also hosts an 18+ horror stream. You’ll also see a lot of mystery and story-driven indie titles when not watching Erractic defeat some of the most terrifying games out there. She’s also a member of the ScreamReapers team.


Instagram: dieharddivatv   

Twitter: @DieHardDivaTV

DieHardDiva is a full-time content creator and horror enthusiast. You can catch her playing Dead By DaylightResident Evil Village, and other horror titles not for the faint of heart. But she doesn’t just play; she also sneaks in a cosplay look every once in a while.


Instagram: officialheyitzleelee 


Leelee started their channel to meet people but the channel has taken off. You can catch Leelee playing lots of FPS/Third-Person Shooter, Action-Adventure/Horror, Strategy/Simulation, and combos of all of the above. They are also a member of the ScreamReapers team.


Instagram: idkgravity

Twitter: @idkgravity


peep these new official photos from Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City!follow @lanpartypodcast for more!! #horrormovies #residentevil #fypシ

♬ Resident Evil – hxtsxnx

Xero was my gateway into horror gamers on Twitch. She is a New York City-based entertainer that’s everywhere the horror is. So, of course, she knows where to find the most disturbing games in the horror sphere. Because she’s also a horror head she’ll give updates on everything scary too.


Instagram: missbillyt 

Twitter: @missbillyt

@missbillyt mod ab*se caught in 4k rip @briandaboss_ #dbdfunny #dbdmemes #dbd #dbdtiktok #dbdclips #deadbydaylight #dbdfails ♬ This is my family – STEEERLING

MissBilly brings the chill vibes, open lobbies, and the best dead hards you’ve ever seen to Twitch. She’s usually live-streaming Dead By Daylight as part of the SistasOfTheFog stream team. My favorite thing is when she starts singing while trying to figure out what is happening.


Robin randomly hops on and has changed her going live notification to “Get in here. I know you’re not doing anything. She was very right because we get the notification we get in formation. She is also a member of the ScreamReapers team.

Sapreme Kween

Instagram: sapremekween 

Twitter: @sapremekween

Sapreeme - 10 Black Horror Gamers You Should Follow On Twitch Now

Sapreme Kween is definitely a streamer to watch. She’s in grad school so during the semester the streams slow down but the streams are always worth it. She plays all horror games but prefers psychological horror. So you know the games get disturbing real fast.


Instagram: storymodebae   

Twitter: @storymodebae

Briana has the most genre-agnostic channel on the list. While you can catch some streams of The Last Of Us and other horror games, you’ll also see some stuff that just shares a fan base with horror fans. Whatever the game is, it’s always a damn good time.


Instagram: writingvampires 

Twitter: @writingvampires

The self-proclaimed Blood Queen isn’t playing around when it comes to horror. Not only does S.C. Parris play sick games on the feed but is also the author of The Dark World Series. So, she knows the genre well and is good at picking games that even scare her. S.C. is also a member of the ScreamReapers team.

Let me know if you just discovered your new favorite Twitch streamer at @misssharai.



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