Scream Addicts #7 – Where Have All Our (Horror) Heroes Gone?

Scream Addicts

With the continual rebooting of monsters, both classic and modern, and the relegation of most new would-be paragons of splatter to the realms of straight-to-VOD and DVD, your Scream Addicts can’t help but wonder – ”Where are all the new horror icons?”

By taking a look the long lineage of cinematic boogeymen (from Universal’s heyday to the fall of the House of Hammer, from the blood-spattered 70s and 80s to the remake-choked aughts), your horror hosts discuss the genre’s current lack of villains with the sort of mainstream crossover appeal boasted by Dracula and Freddy, Frankenstein’s Monster and Jason Voorhees, The Mummy and Michael Myers. We’ll also take the time to scream about which recent scary movie villains are deserving of just such gruesome status.

So trade in your chainsaw for a sickle, your machete for a hatchet, your pointy incisors for a porcelain doll’s mask – and prepare for ten minutes of horror chat so very nerdy it should be illegal. Here’s our newest episode – ”Where Have All Our (Horror) Heroes Gone?”


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screamaddicts - Scream Addicts #7 - Where Have All Our (Horror) Heroes Gone?