It’s not the first time it’s happened, both John Brahm and Hugo Fregonese have tackled them in the past, so it shouldn't be surprising that another remake of Alfred Hitchock’s The Lodger is being planned, this time under the eye

Though the details are few and far between right now, it seems Universal is still interested to see what this wacky "horror genre" can do for them down the road. The Hollywood Reporter got word today that Universal has nabbed a

Why the decision was made to ditch the snazzy original and much cooler Masters of Horror DVD artwork for the horridly generic direct-to-video style look (complete with a close-up of the main character looking ever so pensive) is anyone's guess.

The official site for Feast (review), the long-awaited "Project Greenlight" film that horror fans have been clamoring for since the show ended, has finally opened its doors to the public. There’s not a lot there right now, just some info

Word just came down from the man himself, J. T. (Soft For Digging) Petty, that the official site for his documentary about voyeurism and underground horror, S&Man (review), has finally expanded out from a simple logo to feature all sorts