B-Sides: We’ve Got a Bad Case of Dr. Giggles

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bsides drgiggles - B-Sides: We've Got a Bad Case of Dr. GigglesThis town has a doctor, and his name is Rendell. Stay away from his house cause he’s the doctor from Hell. He killed all his patients, every last one, and cut out their hearts… purely for fun. So if you’re from Moorehigh and you get sick, fall on your knees and pray you die quick.

No, those aren’t the lyrics to this week’s featured B-Sides. Those are the verses to the nursery rhyme the writers of the slasher comedy Dr. Giggles came up with for kids in the movie to recite because, I guess, if Freddy Krueger can have a nursery rhyme about his evil deeds, then why not a psychopathic doctor with a nervous tick laugh who makes more bad doctor jokes in the course of 90 minutes than a Borscht Belt comic doing a stand-up routine in the Poconos?

Dr. Giggles is certainly an oddity in the world of horror cinema, that uniqueness being the reason it was a colossal flop in 1992. Many horror fans cited it as their worst of the year, only for it to go on to develop a small cult following. Released during an era when studios were looking to soften the blades of movie slashers with silliness and humor, the first film produced by Dark Horse Comics starred Darkman villain Larry Drake as a deranged doctor with an arsenal of gimmicky medical instruments of death and a never-ending string of bad doctor puns stalking a teenage heart patient played by future “Charmed” witch Holly Marie Combs.

If you’re going to make a movie about a mad doctor with an unhealthy obsession, what better song to retread for the film’s soundtrack than Robert Palmer’s 1978 hit “Bad Case of Lovin’ You (Doctor, Doctor)”? But the rights to the original song probably cost too much so instead British journeyman singer Paul Rodgers did a cover version. The song was the title track of the Dr. Giggles soundtrack. but it really sounds like the very epitome of a B-Side. Much like the movie, it’s not for anyone.

If you want to listen to the song, I suggest skipping the first 40 seconds of this video. It’s very annoying.

bsides - B-Sides: We've Got a Bad Case of Dr. Giggles

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Written by Steve Barton

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