Guest Blog: Scott Essman's They're Still Alive - The Universal Classic Monsters

In celebration of the October 2nd Blu-ray release of the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, veteran horror historian Scott Essman has prepared a truly monstrous trip back through time for you classic horror fans!

Guest Blog: Toad Road Director Jason Banker on Urban Myths

Every town and city has an urban myth. We grow up hearing them as children. They are used to warn us about invisible dangers outside in the dark. Our parents use legends as a beacon of caution, warning us not to be out too late, or not to take the shortcut home through the forest…

Con-Man: Exploits of a Die-Hard Convention-Goer - Episode One: Guillermo del Toro

Hello! Welcome to what is the first of hopefully many installments of Con-Man, a series of articles that will focus on the many facets of the most wonderful of nerd-Meccas: horror movie conventions.

Guest Blog: Author Karen Koehler's Look Back at Wolfen

Wolfen isn’t a werewolf movie. I should make that clear from the start. In fact, Wolfen has more in common with the monster animal genre of films so popular in the 1970’s like Willard, The Food of the Gods, and Night of the Lepus.

James Broderick Guest Blog: Frankenstein Gets a Makeover

In early June we told you about author and professor James F. Broderick's Now a Terrifying Motion Picture!, after which he offered to write a guest blog for us. The result is this hilarious satire about how Hollywood often ridiculously distorts classic works for contemporary audiences.

Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Hello Forry fans! Long time no scream! It’s me, your monster cuz Joe Moe just checking in to update you on the latest in Forrest J Acker-tivity!

Horrorwood Babbles On: WonderFest - A Classic Monster-Fan's Beast Fiend!

In the classic-horror world that Forry Ackerman left behind for us, some consider the Triple Crown of fan events to be: Monster Bash, Comic-Con and WonderFest.

Ari Lehman's Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei Journal

Much as we'd like to, we can't always get to EVERY festival that happens. That's why we have friends like Ari Lehman, who travels extensively and who can bring us a blow-by-blow of the events as they happened.