Quarantine (2008)

Quarantine review!Reviewed by Nomad

Starring Jennifer Carpenter, Johnathon Schaech, Jay Hernandez, Steve Harris, Columbus Short, Rade Serbedzija

Directed by John Erick Dowdle

YEAAA! Shakey Cam, Motherfuckers!!

Just thought I’d get that out there in a positive way right off the bat. Quarantine is the story of Angela Vidal (Carpenter), ace reporter, saddled with telling the riveting, true story of a random LA fire department, and YOU are along for the ride of your life through the POV of the cameraman. Through an exhaustive tour of the firehouse, we learn where they keep their boots, bunk down, and most importantly for Angela, how the pole works. Oh yes … she works the pole. For some reading this, you are already sold. Admit it.

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more dirty firehouse hijinks, the alarm sounds and the truck speeds off to aid the citizens of NY. As you’ve all seen in the trailer, commercials, and incessant sneak previews on just about every channel I’ve hit this week, the call is answered and chaos takes over. In no time flat, confusion turns to horror, and upon attempting to bring in back-up, our heroes find themselves sealed into the building at gunpoint. No cell phones, no cable, no motorcars … not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe … with an undisclosed illness turning the rest of Gilligan’s crew into bloodthirsty creeps of course.

Quarantine Review (click to see it bigger!)The rest of this movie plays like a very slow version of 28 Days Later without the cool music and a complete lack of intensity, wasted horror makeups we fly past on the wings of the almighty shakey cam, and throwaway performances from a group of actors, the bulk of whom I generally enjoy seeing in movies. Quarantine is hard to watch, and I don’t mean because it is horribly slow and uninteresting. It is physically hard to watch as the camera jumps around, zooms in and out quickly, and shifts from person to person as if it can’t find the spot it meant to focus on. To emphasize my point, in the last minutes of this film, I realized Dania Ramirez (the formerly evil hotty from “Heroes”) was in her underwear the entire time … and I didn’t even notice. This made me a little sad.

Because Quarantine has a single perspective, it is pointless to talk about cinematography. There does seem to be some attempt to play around with lighting, either via the spot mounted on the camera or rooms the characters flee into, but it only succeeded in adding to the confusion created by the camera movement. Less light, no matter how dramatic, means less understanding of what is going on in a space. When the action finally reached some semblance of momentum, I couldn’t even figure who was still alive. Without the ability to root for your favorite characters (whom we’ve only met for 3 minutes anyway), we are forced to constantly fall back to little Angela, whose antics in the firehouse were so high school cheerleader-esque, it was as if she was the bikini clad weather girl who made out with the lead anchor man for a shot at the occasional fluff piece. In my experience with horror films, and my own personal taste, that is the character you are most anticipating receiving a cruel and swift death. The film trudges on, rolling out conveniently timed scares you saw coming with ample time to lean over and tell a friend. Not a successful jump scare in the lot. In fact, there are no scares to be found throughout.

Quarantine Review (click to see it bigger!)It hardly seems worth mentioning individual acting performances with all the information above at your disposal. Rade Serbedzija (AKA that cool Russian guy) mumbles in the background of scenes, hardly ever even visible. Greg Germann delivers one funny line and then becomes the guy who delivers plot information so ridiculously tied to his profession that it proves even more comical. Johnathon Schaech (AKA the pedophile stabby killer from Prom Night) wears a vintage 1980’s mustache and spits out forced lewd comments by the fistful. Let me just skip the rest and lay it to rest with Jennifer Carpenter (your reporter), who flails her arms, stares longingly into the camera with her best face of desperation, and appears to be hyperventilating for an hour straight. I’ll give her extra points for never passing out. To be fair to this cast, as I’ve said, I’ve seen most of them in far better work, acting on a completely different level. It’s as if they all knew they were performing in a B-movie gone horribly wrong and phoned it in.

An entire movie set in a sealed off, old school apartment building with terror around every corner should convey a severe sense of claustrophobia in every shot. Quarantine may as well have been filmed in a warehouse. This is just another missed opportunity that should never have been attempted in the first place. When high production values and superior special effects we are only allowed to look at for 2 seconds at a time are the only compliments I can muster, there is something seriously wrong. Having not seen REC, the Spanish original, I can’t go on to make comparisons or advise you to see the original, but I can only imagine it must be better than this. Sadly, this is not the worst horror film I’ve seen all year, but it is hardly worth your 10 bucks this weekend.


1 1/2 out of 5

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  • Sirand

    Psycho:Psycho Remake

    This is a carbon copy, just not done as well. It’s plagiarism with no identity of its own. Just watch the original.

  • robg

    See [REC] fellow fiends. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, and I’ve heard that they changed one of the most interesting and scariest parts of the original. (Pertaining to the ending.) Once again, Hollywood just doesn’t GET IT!!!

  • G.D.

    The interesting thing about this review is that so many of the complaints seem to be ones that could be leveled at [REC]. With the exception of the performances, they could all be things people might not like about [rec].

    To me, too much shaky cam is not a valid concern (for me personally, not in general) because that type of thing doesn’t bother me. Wasted horror makeups? There weren’t many lingering shots of FX in [rec], where there?

    I’m looking for reviews from two types of people. a) those who have seen [rec] and can compare, and b) those who aren’t bothered by shaky cam.

    • The Woman In Black

      Several DC staff members have seen REC, so I’m sure there will be plenty of comments/mini-reviews added once we’ve seen Quarantine as well. Nomad just happened to have access to an early screening so wrote up this first review for us. Shakey cam doesn’t bother me too much either so I imagine that’s one complaint I won’t have about the remake.

      • Nomad

        Shakey cam didnt bother me in Cloverfield but it seems to be a lot worse in this movie. At times it’s like you are in a little boat along side the movie.

        I regret I haven’t seen the original, but after conversations I’ve had comparing the two, it seems the primary change is that it is implied the “outbreak” is man made in this cut.

        • Tristan Sinns

          As I mentioned in the forums thread, it’s not only ‘shaky cam’ but ‘wildly zooming cam’. That a professional camera man would be so wildly zooming in and out all the time just doesn’t fly, and it was pretty darn annoying.

  • Victor Crowley

    I’m wondering if we could possibly get a review from someone who’s seen [REC]. I’d really like a proper comparison of the two, since I can’t see this possibly being anywhere near as good for a NUMBER of reasons I won’t bother divulging into (But the first one is the added scene from the trailer of the Hazmat crew investigating the building. This is like some guy on a forum I read talking about how Cloverfield should have ended with the camera panning out to show a Military conference room to explain everything… dumb a fuck)

    • Penh

      Well, I can at least ease your mind on that point. That scene was shot just for the trailer, and there’s nothing like it in the movie.

      • The Woman In Black

        Unless we’re talking about a different scene, it was included in the film and fit in fine with the rest. I’m late with my mini-review, but overall I enjoyed Quarantine more than REC. Maybe it was because I’m so familiar with and fond of Jennifer Carpenter due to her work in Dexter, but I found I had much more empathy for her than Velasco. Or maybe it’s because I saw it in the theatre with an engrossed crowd versus the way I saw REC — at home on the small screen. Also, the middle portion of REC really dragged for me whereas Quarantine never let up the tension once it started. And REC was so dark in places that I could hardly even tell what was happening. The sound design of the remake was much more unnerving also — that damn helicopter nearly drove me to the brink! Plus, the shaky cam in REC seemed a lot more annoying. I blame the trailer for pretty much ruining the ending, but again, overall, I give the higher marks to Quarantine.

  • plastic_society

    Well, I’ll be seeing it Friday with some co-workers. Sounds like I will most likely hate it, then annoy them by going on and on about how good REC was.

  • DW Bostaph Jr

    I knew they couldn’t redo this and recapture the ickiness of REC. The last 20 minutes of REC are friggin INTENSE. Watch REC, it was chosen for this remake for a reason… Hope REC2 is just as good.

  • Kryten Syxx

    Hmmmm, maybe the next Splattrax should just be a dubbing of REC.

  • ruffbuffy

    Based on the screenshots and trailer, this looks like a complete shot-for-shot remake of [REC]. So, I ask, why bother? To appease those too lazy to read subs? Give me a break.

    • Johnny Butane

      Sadly, that is the exact reason it was remade. But don’t blame the studios, they’re only filling a demand; blame the multitude of filmgoers who can’t be bothered to read when they’re watching their movies that would never allow REC to be profitiable in this country.

  • Spaceshark

    I’ll watch it, probably get annoyed, then pray for REC to come out on uber-special DVD.