Pulse 2 (DVD)

Pulse 2 DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Jamie Bamber, Georgina Rylance, Karley Scott Collins, Todd Giebanhein

Directed by Joel Soisson

Distributed by Dimension Extreme

What a mess. What an absolute mess. I have to admit I was kind of looking forward to this one. In my opinion the few clips we saw looked pretty damned promising. I like Soisson. The guy knows how to squeeze a lot out of a little, and with Gary Tunnicliffe on board taking care of the spook effects, at the very least this couldn’t possibly be any worse than the American remake, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

We pick up right after the events of the first film with a completely different set of characters (none of whom other than Rylance can act). The ghost invasion is still in full swing, and it’s been claiming lives on the regular. The few remaining frightened survivors are taking shelter in remote parts of the country where wireless communication signals cannot reach. A father’s love, however, can be much more powerful than fear. Such is the case of our hero (Bamber, giving one of the worst performances of his career) who travels through a supposedly spectre-infested city to see if his daughter’s still alive. He ends up finding her and much more than he ever bargained for. Everything, that is, except for all the spirits. I think he runs into a couple or maybe three. Lame.

The story is told from two different points of view, the living and the dead. That sounds like a pretty promising concept, doesn’t it? Unfortunately there’s a lot wrong here that keeps this flick firmly below the average mark.

Pulse 2 DVD (click for larger image)First the look of the ghosts is terrible. Say what you want about the remake, at least it had some freaky looking spirits. In Pulse 2 they’re just like flickering TV images walking through the scenes and are about as menacing as the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Inexcusable. Come on! You have an F/X master working on your movie! How do you not get him to doctor up a couple of quick appliances and some contacts? The spookiest looking ghosts to be found here are the recycled ones on the DVD box.

Another thing that will take you immediately out of the movie is the fact that I’d say about eighty percent of it is filmed in front of a green screen, and holy shit, does it show. We’re talking even trivial scenes like a couple standing in an entirely green-screened (furniture and all) bedroom. I’ve heard of cutting corners, but give me a break, guys! There are points in this film in which the onscreen action looks no better than a Stephen Colbert fan challenge. I’m stunned. Wow. Just wow.

In terms of special features there’s a commentary with everyone and their grandmother that was far too busy to even remotely pay attention to, two deleted scenes (one unfinished in front of guess what? A green screen!), and a sneak peek at Pulse 3. Can’t wait for that one. I shudder to think. Sigh.

Let me put it like this … the difference in quality between the Japanese original and the remake is the same difference in quality between the remake and its sequel. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, guess again. Pulse 2 is a flaccid little wreck of a movie that gets far more wrong than it does right. They only thing scary about it is how it turned out. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Special Features

  • Filmmakers commentary
  • Two deleted scenes
  • Sneak peek at Pulse 3


    1 1/2 out of 5

    Special Features

    2 out of 5

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    • ctfilmfest

      Pulse 3 will be screening in a limited engagement at the Connecticut Film Festival during it’s Bethel Cinema weekend in Bethel CT on Saturday Night, December 6th at 10:00pm. Tickets will go on sale 11/26 and are limited so visit the cinema site for tickets and more information: http://www.bethelcinema.com. For more information on the festival weekends or the June 2-7, 2009 festival visit: http://www.ctfilmfest.com

      • Sirand

        Are you threatening everyone who’s coming to your film festival?

    • Sirand

      You neglected to mention when John Gulager jumps off a bridge wearing a diaper. Highlight of the movie!

    • sav

      i think the remake of the original was pretty good and i started to watch this today,and yes the green screen was perhaps the scariest part of the film.was really looking forward to it to.

      also any help finding the original “paranormal Activity” movie would be great!

      • Uncle Creepy

        You won’t be seeing Paranormal Activity until 2009. Believe me, when there’s news to report on it we’ll be amongst the first shouting it from the rooftops!

        • sav

          so, when you say 2009, you mean the remake they are making or the actual original?

          also i also “cant wait” for the remake of REC to come out..you know..the AMERICAN version called quarantined or something. also with pulse 2 you see about hmm id say a minutes worth of tittie so i think thats where the half knife came in.

          • Uncle Creepy

            I mean the original and or the remake.

    • arandomthought

      Damn, now I want to see it.

      • Uncle Creepy

        No. Don’t do that.

    • G.D.

      The question then is, how did it get 1.5 knives?

      I saw a clip from this a few days ago and wow, yeah, the green screen stuff is absolutely laughable.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Because the lead actress, Rylance, gave a good performance, and there were a couple of effective moments amidst all the badness. The ending was OK too.

    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.