Mailman, The (DVD)

The Mailman DVD (click for larger image)Starring Rob Arbogast, Collene Taylor, Jamielyn Kane, Bryan Lukasik

Directed by Tony Mark

Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Bad news, fiends. Yes, there is bad news today. A DVD sitting here has that sort of cover art that appears to have nothing to do with the film contained within, quality-wise anyway. The last time this reviewer encountered this was with Zombie Nation, and the eye muscles still twitch at the thought of that one.

Darius Foxx is a disturbed man. He witnessed his parents’ death at a young age and has been separated from his younger brother. To say this led up to a psychopathic disposition would be an understatement. Years after the grim events Foxx has come back to seek out his little brother in the role of a mailman. What does he have in store for his sibling?

Booze, cigarettes and voyeurism, that’s what. That isn’t exactly what one would expect from a psycho, but he does kill people randomly so it probably balances out. Darius’ brother is easy to sway into this lifestyle thanks to the rebellious youth stage of his life. Now, if only this had actually been interesting.

The Mailman DVD (click for larger image)The Mailman just never gets to any sort of peak or level that draws in the viewer. The film follows a pattern of kill, kill, boob, angst, kill, kill, angst, kill. There are some pretty women and vulgar behavior, but it all comes off as tame next to the slew of American Pie films that hit the market recently. What could have saved this was a budget and some decent actors. Rob Arbogast is clearly the talented one of the group even if he just has one or two emotions to display during the 82-minute feature.

With so much potential to be a deep thriller about family ties and morals, it is hard to believe The Mailman ends up being just another one of those cheap films that goes nowhere and does nothing. And nothing is exactly what we get in the way of special features as well.

You’d think that during the production of a film someone, anyone would notice if they are making a stinker. There are no redeeming features about The Mailman that can’t be found in every other cheap thriller/skin flick. Some nudity appears for no reason other than to fill a quota. Everyone loves a boob or ten, but please put something around them that’s worth sitting through.

Special Features
Lost in the mail

1-1/2 out of 5

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Mike Phalin

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