New Production Co. Grit Film Works Announces Horror Projects Bethany and Restoration

Indie filmmaker James Cullen Bressack, whose name you’ve seen quite often here on Dread Central, has teamed up with Zack Ward (Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Postal, Freddie vs. Jason) to form Grit Film Works; and they’ve  announced their first two projects, which will be back-to-back microbudget horror films.

Per THR, the two movies are titled Restoration and Bethany; read on for the early details on each.

The first film, Restoration, centers on a young doctor who moves to a new town with her husband, a contractor, while she completes her residency. Things seem to be going well as they renovate their home and meet a fun couple next door. Events take a dark turn when the couple discover a diary buried within the walls of their house, and a terrifying spirit is awakened.

Restoration stars Emily O’Brien, Ward, Adrian Gaeta, and Sarah Ann Schultz. Ward is also directing the film.

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Bethany stars Stefanie Estes as Claire, a woman who moves back into her childhood home with her husband. The abusive, traumatic memories of her mother return to haunt her; and as her husband becomes busier with work, she finds herself in a fog of memories as a small figure tries to reach out to her.

Bressack (Pernicious, Hate Crime) is directing the film, which also stars Ward, Shannen Doherty, Felissa Rose, former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay, Peter Jason, John Murray, Olivia Stiefel, Anna Harr, and Ellen Gerstell.

Ward (pictured below) and Bressack co-wrote both scripts. Restoration is currently shooting, while Bethany is set to begin filming later this month.  Look for more soon!


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