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The Amityville Theatre Open for Business



The Amityville Theatre

Just because, you know, everything in Amityville, Long Island, is apparently haunted… Here comes The Amityville Theatre. Hope you guys don’t mind a quick demonic fly infestation with your popcorn!

From the Press Release:
Terror steals the spotlight in this chilling journey into fear.

Fawn Harriman (Monèle LeStrat) had counted herself lucky the day she inherited a disused theater in the small town of Amityville, Long Island. With her sights set on a new life in the theatre, she invites a group of friends to join her there for a weekend adventure that will ultimately lead them into the terrifying clutches of an ancient pact between the mysterious locals and a malignant presence from the very bowls of hell.

As the stranglehold of evil grows ever tighter, Fawn’s teacher, Victor Stewart, races to Amityville in a desperate attempt to rescue the imperiled party and put an end to the town’s terrifying legacy once and for all.

Featuring Gary Martin (Slaughter High), Ania Marson (Puppet on a Chain), and Spencer Banks and Cheryl Burfield (ATV’s “Timeslip”), this supernatural thriller will leave you cowering in the aisles.

Directed by John R. Walker, The Amityville Theater is due on DVD 23rd June in the USA and Canada from 4digitalmedia. It has a different title in the UK – Amityville Playhouse. It will be released 13th April in the UK on DVD from 4digitalmedia.

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