Fun Size Horror: Volume One Hits VOD in May

Last Halloween season we were involved with the Fun Size Horror project along with several other websites. The purpose was to bring some cool horror shorts to you guys on a grand scale. Well… the scale is getting grander.

From the Press Release:
After their successful online “trick or treat” promotional release, which was 31 short horror films that appeared online for free, the week of Halloween only, across BloodyDisgusting, Collider, DreadCentral, BadAssDigest, and ShockTillYouDrop, the series was picked up for a May 2015 VOD release by Gravitas Venture.

The anthology film Fun Size Horror: Volume One will be a collection of twenty-one of the twisted tales made by the horror film collective. Like a bag of Halloween candy after a night of trick or treating, Fun Size Horror: Volume One is filled with a variety of fun size treats of all kinds. The films range from classic slashers and creature features to horror-comedy and hauntings, all made into one feature length film designed to chill and delight horror fans.

The series began when creator Zeke Pinheiro took his love of genre movies and sought out a variety of different filmmakers to join him on a mission to make an assortment of terrifying short films. He partnered with producers Mali Elfman and Michael May and executive producer Curtis Andersen to release Fun Size Horror online and help distribute Fun Size Horror: Volume One.

Fun Size Horror: Year Two is currently in pre-production, set for release this Halloween 2015, aiming once again for 31 new shorts for audiences to feast on. More on the Year Two release is coming soon.

Here’s the Fun Size Horror: Volume One line-up:

1. When They Say You’re Alone – Director Grant Olin
2. Knock Knock – Director Anthony Lund
3. Happy Birthday – Director Erin Stegeman
4. Entity – Director Michael May
5. Bad Eggs – Director Max Isaacson
6. The Screaming – Director Dick Grunert
7. Persephone – Director Lisa J. Dooley
8. Voice – Director Mali Elfman
9. Somebody’s Watching You – Director Ben Rekhi
10. Trust – Director Jerry Pyle
11. The Lover – Director Anisa Qureshi
12. The Creepy F@#%!*g Kid in Apartment B – Director Eric Pereira
13. A Boy and His Dog – Director Zeke Pinheiro
14. Quad – Director Ali Presley Paras
15. Let Me Go – Director Glen Murakami
16. Mother – Director Zeke Pinheiro
17. Evil Voices Lie – Director Grant Olin
18. Paramnesia – Director Michael May
19. Bitter – Director Ned Ehrbar
20. Mr. Hendrix – Director Zeke Pinheiro
21. The Collection – Director Josh C. Waller


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