Top 5 Cinema Antichrist Films

Top 5 Cinema Antichrist FilmsThe devil. He does have a way of showing up at the worst possible time and throwing a wrench into even the best laid plans. In celebration of the release of Devil's Due on January 17th, we bring you our Top 5 Antichrist Films.

For honorable mentions we've got to include Michael Langdon (spawn of Tate and Vivien) from "American Horror Story: Murder House," the original season. Of course Hellboy holds at least some claim to the throne as well.

Research gave us the unforgettable name of Randall Flagg, who appears across many of the works of Stephen King as another possible antichrist. But the most amusing has to be Alan Moore's depiction of Harry Potter (although never named outright, it's quite clear whom he's referring to) in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic as the true son of Satan (click here if you're unfamiliar with the reference).

Unfortunately we have to leave out Lars Von Trier's Antichrist as the devil's child doesn't actually appear in the film. Actually, there's no time for him with all that insane violence and fucking going on. But anyway… on to the Top 5 Antichrist Films.

Top 5 Cinema Antichrist Films

The Omen
Is there any better film to start this list with than The Omen? Damien Thorn is the true embodiment of the antichrist character. Even his first name became synonymous with the creature. Damien's influence transcended horror films and became a part of mainstream society as it was common to hear a unruly child referred to as Damien, insinuating the little brat pitching a fit in the Walmart toy section because he couldn't get a new WWE action figure might indeed be the son of Old Scratch himself. The original film from 1976 was created on a budget of less than $3 million and would go on to gross over $60 million and spawn several sequels, a remake and nightmares aplenty.

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Terrific list! I'm not partial to Rosemary's Baby myself (it just never clicked with me), but I won't deny it's place in horror history. Of course I agree with The Omen, as it's one of my top ten all time favorite horror films. All of the films on here are worth recognizing. I'll add that Pacino's climactic rant in The Devi's Advocate is a scene I can watch again and again.

But what I really wanted to give major kudos to you for is the inclusion of Fear No Evil,a criminally underlooked 80's era occult shocker that was remarkably effective considering that the cast were unknowns and that it had an obviously low budget. I still have a VHS copy of that flick in its slipcase. Good ,creepy stuff. It's worth watching just for the dodgeball scene.

Submitted by Cinemascribe on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 6:45am.
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Glad you enjoyed the list! We try to keep you guessing over here. We've got some fun Top Lists coming at you very soon. Stay tuned!

Submitted by Scott Hallam on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 3:52am.

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