E3 2013: UPDATE: PlayStation 4 Finally Unveiled; Price Point Revealed!

E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Finally UnveiledEver since they did their announcement event what seems like a long while ago, we've all been waiting with bated breath to see just what Sony's PlayStation 4 would look like. Yeah, we saw the controller, but of course... we want more!

The wait is over! Below you will find the first ever shots of the PlayStation 4. Yep, the curtain has been lifted and the cat is now out of the proverbial bag! Is it better than the "It looks strangely like a George Foreman Grill" reaction some of us had initially upon seeing the PlayStation 3 for the first time? Look for more from Sony and PS4 as it comes.

Enough talk! Look! Discuss! Rant! Offer praise! Shake your head in disbelief! Game on!


Sony just revealed the price point for the PlayStation 4! It will be available for just $399.00.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

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Rottenjesus's picture

Does it make waffles? I ask this because the PS4 looks like a neo-futuristic waffle maker.

Submitted by Rottenjesus on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 10:23pm.

Hey, at least is doesn't look like a 1st generation VCR.

Submitted by LSD Zombie on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 10:25pm.
moderator Actually it looks
Steve Barton's picture

Actually it looks ridiculously similar to Xbox One. It's just slanted instead of perfectly rectangular. Its finish is even half glossy / half matte.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 10:40pm.
theGoldenSimatar's picture

Agreed. But this at least seems head and tails above that lump of crap.

Submitted by theGoldenSimatar on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 10:17am.

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