The Lost Boys - EPIC SAX MAN Seduces Michael; Still Believes!

The Lost Boys - EPIC SAX MAN Seduces Michael; Still Believes!It's nearly impossible to talk about the original classic flick The Lost Boys without either mentioning or secretly thinking about the EPIC SAX MAN. Note my usage of CAPS LOCK to underline his significance. One clever YouTube user by the name of Yeedeed remembers all too well.

Below you'll find a video which he edited together of EPIC SAX MAN, real name withheld to keep his mystique intact, seducing one of the film's main characters, Michael, who was played with gusto and engorged hormones by a really young Jason Patrick. Clocking in at just over three minutes, we hope that one day Yeedeed revisits this video and turns it into a ten-hour long remix filled with man lust and feverishly thrusting hips.

Enough talk! Take in the majesty... revel in the splendor... sing along for the rest of the day... and most of all...


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Terminal's picture

It was funny for a few seconds.

Submitted by Terminal on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 5:47pm.

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