Kathryn Morris Mothers Alice Sweet Alice

Kathryn Morris Mothers Alice Sweet AliceThe first bit of casting news for Dante Tomaselli's remake of Alfred Sole’s 1976 child slasher opus Alice, Sweet Alice has arrived with the addition of "Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris taking on the lead role of Catherine Spages, mother to a psycho killer kid.

The Inquisitr recently caught up with Tomaselli who went over some facts about his soon to be filming redux. “All of the same characters for the most part. Similar situations, though sometimes different outcomes. Wouldn’t it be boring to know what’s coming next? Definitely some new surprises, but I can’t reveal. You won’t know where it’s going. As far as locations, it’s working-class Italian Catholic Paterson, New Jersey. The main difference is whereas the original was set in the 60s, the new one will be in the 70s.”

In the original, "Paula Sheppard is Alice, a pouty, petulant problem child at that awkward age living with her precocious little sister, Karen (Brooke Shields), and single mom. When Karen is murdered during her first communion and Alice takes her place in line, suspicion immediately falls on her. Then a diminutive killer in a yellow slicker and opaque mask continues the reign of terror, and Alice’s estranged father takes up the investigation to prove her innocence."

Look for more on this one soon!

Dante Tomaselli Alice, Sweet Alice

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Source: The Inquisitr



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ill reserve my judgement on this one but god damn does that poster look amazing

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