Check Out Short Film I Spyders for a Limited Time

As you guys know, we do our best to share quality short horror films with you when we find them. This is a good one. If nasty looking spiders aren't scary enough, how about one in your ear. Ladies and germs, we give you I Spyders.

Many film festivals do not accept movies that are currently streaming online, so I Spyders is only available to us from now until March 22. Do yourself a favor and check this one out while you have the chance. It's really funny and, if you're an arachnophobiac, creepy as hell. Any film that has the position of Spider Wrangler listed in the credits is almost certainly going to give you the willies!

I Spyders stars the extremely demonstrative Kevin Jake Walker, the hilariously undemonstrative Gabriel Dumas, Michelle Harris and Jeff Yung. William Allinson directed this horror/comedy with Kenji Sato doing the makeup. Award-winning, Cannes official selection and TIFF top 10 winner Stephen Chandler Whitehead was cinematographer.

You've got until March 22 to enjoy I Spyders

Check Out Short Film I Spyders for a Limited Time

Check Out Short Film I Spyders for a Limited Time

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Terminal's picture

That was absolutely demented.

Submitted by Terminal on Sun, 03/18/2012 - 5:39am.

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