Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 3: Skeptics, What's Next and Fan Questions

Here we are at the final chapter of our in-depth interview with "Ghost Adventures" star Nick Groff. Thus far we've covered the crew's beginnings as well as Nick's greatest fears. Now it's time to check out his view on skeptics, what's next, and your questions.

Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 3: What's Next and Fan Questions

"It doesn’t bother me whatsoever," says Groff of the myriad people trying to discredit or debunk what they do. "Everybody has their own mind to make up. At the end of the day I’m not here to be the one to try and convince everyone. You have to go out there and have your own personal experience. The key is to go out and experience it for yourself and try it with an open mind. You can’t be one-sided in this world. There are too many unexplainable things out there that have been happening for centuries and centuries. From people talking about their own experiences to the evidence that we’ve captured and what not. No one will believe until it happens to them."

"We’ve had skeptics on our show, like the detective at the Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa (Season 4, Episode 13). He told us flat out, 'I don’t believe in any of this stuff. I go off of what facts tell me, like documents, or a piece of paper.' So we asked him, 'All right that’s cool. You want to come on a lockdown with us?' He said, 'Sure', and I responded 'Okay, We’ll give you the digital recorder. You can see the file; we’ll erase everything off of it. You can check it out, can open it up, you can put your own batteries in it. I don’t really care. You can hold it. Hold it completely still, make sure you don’t say anything in between asking questions. Boom. Let’s go.' We brought him in and at first we weren't getting anything. Then we asked a question and got an answer on the recorder which we played back on the spot. We brought him back to our makeshift base and we showed him the recorder plug into a laptop, capturing it, and then playing it back off the laptop so he could see the whole process. Then he sat there and listened as we had this voice come through clear as day saying, 'I killed six kids.' His face just kind of dropped because he was trying to wrap his head around it. 'Wait, how can that be possible?' he asked. No one said anything. 'How can there be a voice there?' We were like 'Welcome to our world.' That was awesome. We love that type of stuff."

From there we decided to get to some fan questions.

If you had it to do all over again, would you still investigate Bobby Mackey's?

"Everything that we have done is done. I don’t dwell on the past. It’s kind of one of those things I would do it again, but I don’t think I would do it again in the future. I’m not making it a point to go back there. I don’t want to go back there."

What scares you the most?

"Besides not being able to get out of a morgue I was locked in for over an hour? I think what scares me is that dark energy; one day being in a location and not being able to come back to terms with my own self. Something just over taking my mindset, my soul per se. Having a negative an effect on me where I just lose track of my own self and time. I never want that to happen. That’s what scares me."

What do you do if a negative energy attaches itself to you?

"That’s an interesting question because a lot of people have their own beliefs. If it gets really bad, someone may find themselves seeking an exorcism. My belief is that in order to really come to terms and rid yourself of evil - if that’s in fact what we’re discussing - it’s more or less like you're trying to rid yourself of it with your own inner-self. That is one great way to do it. You really have to find your own way to get rid of that evil, or else it can have an effect. When I have stuff follow me or when I'm suffering from a negative effect, I fight it with my own self and I control my own mental ability. I’m a strong individual spiritually, it’s hard for me sometimes, but I’m able to fight it in that scenario. Just ignore whatever follows you home and eventually it will drift away. It’ll just raise off your body and that’s it, it goes away. That’s me, though; it doesn’t work for everyone. That’s just the way I deal with it."

Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 3: What's Next and Fan Questions

What does your family think about what you do?

"It’s funny because my wife, Veronica, and I have been fascinated by the paranormal for a long time. We actually went up to Virginia City, Nevada, together prior to 'Ghost Adventures' on a college trip just for the hell of it. We went up there and that’s how I kind of knew about Virginia City prior t,o doing the documentary. I had no clue I would ever go back there again. She digs it. She thinks it’s interesting. She definitely believes in the paranormal and doesn’t like the effects it has on me sometimes. We were talking about Bobby Mackey’s a lot. She thinks I’ve changed a little after spending time there. When I come back, I have that kind of depressed feeling, that lingering negative effect. A week goes by and boom! You're back to yourself, but it takes a little bit."



jlkserenity42's picture

Sounds like you are quite a complex guy. Love your levelheadedness during the lockdowns and woulda died just getting in the morgue from claustrophobia!! I think it's cool you are having the best of both worlds... an awesome job that you love with things on the side AND a what sounds like a wonderful wife and from what I've seen a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!

I wish I had entered fan questions because I would love to have known if you thought about the "spirit" of your daughter before meeting her and how do you think what you do effects how you see her. The pics of course show just like all daddies she has you wrapped around her finger already and you are madly in love. Just wondered how you see her and will raise her explaining what you do. My whole household has been taught the spiritual side of things. I've raised them to safely (if so interested) develop their ESP sides and to believe BUT respect that there is "another side" but it overlaps with this one.

When I watch the show now after reading the first parts of the article I see you as the cool headed logical one during working hours but the first Vlog I saw you in was the cookie one and will laugh my butt off every time I see it!!

Keep on keepin on dude... right now sounds like you have everything you could ever want.

Loyal GAC Fan

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