Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 2: Facing His Fears

Okay, "Ghost Adventures" fans. Our interview series now continues with Nick Groff, who talks spectres, Bobby Mackey's, and more. Sit back and gear up for another in-depth interview lockdown.

In Part 1 of our interview with Nick Groff, we discussed the group's origins, and now we kick off Part 2 by heading back into the dreaded Bobby Mackey's.

Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 2: Facing His Fears

"We were still new," says Groff of his "Ghost Adventures" team. "It was 2008 and we had just we come off the documentary, and a couple months later we geared up for Bobby Mackey’s. In retrospect we still weren’t fully able to comprehend and understand negative energy on the side of what we know as demonic. These types of happenings have more of a negative effect on your own spiritual self. You can lose track. That’s the number one scariest thing that somebody can encounter... negative impact or negative energy at locations. They have lingering effects. If you’re good and healthy, you go to your everyday work atmosphere, and then boom, you go to one of these locations and you’re calling it out and opening yourself up to this negative effect. It attaches itself to you. It can cause disruptions in your life, your family, your health. It will screw you up big time. All three of us, majorly, have suffered that effect. It doesn’t matter if you’re the toughest, strongest guy in the world. Mentally you have to be strong and spiritually you have to be content with yourself, or else you will be a train wreck. I have seen it happen to people and it is very difficult thing to watch. I’ve learned over the years how to balance myself because having it affect me or my family is the one thing that I don’t want to happen."

"Bobby Mackey’s (Season 1, Episode 1; Season 4, Episode 3) was a different scenario than other locations, and yeah it did affect each one of us in a very different personal way. It affected Zak and Aaron a lot more severely than it did myself. I have had other locations that have really dramatically hit home with me. Like when we we’re at Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia (Season 2, Episode 7). To this very day it’s scary to think about. I'm always saying things like 'lock me in a morgue' or 'put me in the craziest most screwed up locations you can think of', but when it comes down to dark energies taking over your own spiritual self and disrupting your inner positive light, whatever you want to call it, that’s where it gets scary. I was affected badly at several different locations like the Washoe Club (Season 3, Episode 6) and The Return to the Goldfield Hotel (Season 4, Episode 16) but that’s the type of stuff we are dealing with. It’s more dangerous than anything. More dangerous than confronting a spirit full on and it throwing you across the room, beating the shit out of you. *laughs* Seriously, because those dark energies can have a severe affect because you cannot fight back. You just have to fight your inner self. It’s complicated."

Groff continues, "I would say it’s one of the most dangerous [professions] in the world. I know it’s not... well, actually it can be physical at times, ya know? You’ve probably seen me flip over a chair into rusty, broken metal scraps and glass on the ground and of course after things like that it's off to the hospital to check for infections. Speaking of dangerous, usually when exploring these various locations asbestos and black mold is all over the place. When we can we wear protective masks; however, doing your job with them affixed to your head can get difficult at times. Number one it irritates the hell out of your face, and number two you really can't hear us that well. It gets really muffled and mumbled, and sometimes that can have the effect of contaminating the audio from the breathing with the vents. Thankfully we’ve worked them out and we’re able to use them pretty well now. Zak has to use one because his lungs are really sensitive to the dust from doing this for so long. Aaron and I, sometimes we’re just like, 'Screw it.' We do this because, I guess, of a passion of pushing ourselves so everybody else can see what we’re capturing."

Seeing as he's been to so many insane places over the course of the past several years, we prodded Nick a bit to talk about the times he found himself most scared.

Nick Groff Talks Ghost Adventures Part 2: Facing His Fears

"For some reason every time I try to go to the bathroom at a haunted location, the spirits try to freakin' attack me," Nick says with a laugh. "I let my guard down a little bit and they come out to try and attack me. It's crazy and even kind of funny because when you watch the Bobby Mackey’s episode and you see me go into the bathroom, no cameras are on because, well, I’m going to take a piss. Zak goes up to get the camera out of the attic and Aaron is taking care of the gear or something. When I went into the bathroom at Mackey's, I had no idea what was about to happen. Then I hear this scratching on the walls. I had got done taking a pee, I didn’t even have time to zip up my fly and the whole bathroom begins shaking. Like literally rumbling. Chaotic. Like the energy in the air has become dramatically changed. I was literally frightened for my life. I just jumped the hell out of that bathroom and ran into the other room like, 'Holy crap! Get the cameras; you don’t even know what’s going on in there.' We go back in after Zak and Aaron get their cameras, and we’re standing there, and I’m like, 'Come on, do it again!' and it happens again, all these rumbling sounds. It was so freakin' scary I literally jumped of the bathroom. That’s when you hear Zak yell 'Stop running!' The thing is. though... I wasn’t necessarily running. I was jumping, leaping forward out of the bathroom because I thought the whole thing was collapsing. That’s how scary it was. That was one extremely scary moment. Especially for me because I was not expecting that... I was totally vulnerable."

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