Blade Anime Star Harold Perrineau Wants a Shot at the Real Thing

The star of G4's Blade anime series, Harold Perrineau, is really enjoying his stint lending the Daywalker his voice, but the former "Lost" star is really interested in taking it a step further.

In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Perrineau dropped the following on fans...

"I actually went back and watched the movies when I got the job. I wanted to make sure that my Blade was more similar to his than not. And one of the things I was looking for was how much swagger he has. Wesley played this really fine line between having swagger and the cool lines, with just playing it straight with emotion. It was cool to watch. He wasn’t always swaggerific — if that’s a word."

"You know what … I would shave my head and get into the gym tomorrow if they said that I could play Blade. I’d be in the gym pumping iron, doing kung fu… I would love to play Blade live-action. I think the character is ridiculously cool. I’m never going to be as cool as Wesley Snipes was, but I’d give it a shot."

The Blade anime series airs on Fridays at 11:00 pm on G4TV.

Blade Anime Star Harold Perrineau Wants a Shot at the Real Thing

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Source: The L.A. Times