YouTube Wants to Show You Its BlackBoxTV

YouTube Wants to Show You Its BlackBoxTVBack around Halloween 2011 Google announced it would be creating 100+ "channels" on YouTube for original programming, generating about 25 hours of new programming per day; and one such channel just announced during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is BlackBoxTV, which is striving to be the destination for the horror, thriller, and sci-fi crowd on YouTube. Considering its pedigree, it just might pull it off!

From the Press Release:
Teaming up with Tony E. Valenzuela, who created BlackBoxTV, will be "CSI" creator Anthony E. Zuiker, who will also be bringing a massive list of high quality writers and directors for his monthly "Anthony E. Zuiker Presents" anthology series through his Dare to Pass shingle.

Along with that series of programming, Valenzuela will be providing tons of other weekly content, such as the new BlackBoxTV anthology series, which has been quoted as being "'The Twilight Zone' if it took place in 'Twin Peaks'", as well as "Live Hauntings", in which Valenzuela and his crew spend a night in some of the most haunted and horrifying locations on the globe, and "Black Fridays", a magazine-style show that will bring you all of the best and most entertaining genre-based interviews, news, trailers, and exclusives on a weekly basis.

Below are a couple of promo videos for the endeavor, the first of which introduces you to some of the talented people who've joined the BlackBoxTV crew:

Anthony Zuiker -- Executive Producer (Creator of "CSI")
Carly Feingold -- Producer (Co-Producer of Scream 4)
Bree Essrig -- Host of "Black Fridays" (New Show!)
Joe Nation -- Director of Photography AND BadAssery!!!
Sebastian Lee -- Post Production Coordinator (Imported from Australia)

For more info visit the official BlackBoxTV website and subscribe to the BlackBoxTV YouTube Channel.

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