Left 4 Dead Fan Film Tears Up the Interwebs

We've been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks because it's the perfect way to send out 2011. A fan film based upon Valve's video game franchise Left 4 Dead (reviews here) that is nothing short of badass. This is the perfect example of there being young talented filmmakers out there who know how to do a lot with a little, and we completely applaud them.

The short film is a co-production between Northern Five Entertainment and Airsoft GI and was directed by Adrian Picardi on a budget just big enough to feed the entire crew, ship out the costumes from across the country, and pay for a couple of the props and some of the crew’s gas. Check out an interview with Picardi here along with over 100 behind-the-scenes stills from the production.

Since the film's release it has garnered over 700,000 views. Watch it below along with a making-of video and feast on what all the well deserved buzz is about.

Left 4 Dead Fan Film Tears Up the Interwebs

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uh... what?
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uh... what?

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