Teaser Trailer Arrives for Ouija Thriller I Am ZoZo

The Ouija board: harmless toy made by Hasbro (or Parker Brothers if you're old school) or supernatural, portal-opening demon magnet? Whether you believe the Ouija board is nothing more than the product of group hysteria or the actual equivalent of a bug-light for evil spirits, the filmmakers of I Am ZoZo want you to take a look at the teaser trailer for their new film. You might change your mind.

Based on a true story (which is almost a prerequisite for evil spirit movies these days), I Am Zozo tells the tale of five young people who just HAVE to get that damn Ouija board out and start fucking around with the thing. And we can only imagine what happens next. Bad things, I'm sure.

Listen, just as an aside, here's my take on the whole Ouija board thing ... whether you believe in it or not, the fact is that some people do believe, very strongly, that you can contact demons, the dead, evil spirits, etc., through this thing, right? Right. Now with that fact established, this says to me even though I doubt that messing with a Ouija board can get you a one-way ticket to DemonUpYourAssVille, the possibility, albeit a very small possibility, does exist.

So, yes, it's probably all bullshit, but the fact a remote chance exists that I might spend the rest of my days yakking up split pea soup and speaking in tongues while climbing on the walls and maiming my own body certainly is enough of a deterrent to dissuade me from any Ouija board tinkering. To me the opportunity to discover Casper the Friendly Ghost and have him kindly spell out my name and birthday or tell me if the hottie with the locker next to mine thinks I'm cute is NOT worth it if there is an inkling of a chance that Pazuzu's gonna have me pissing on the living room carpet and carving Help Me on my belly, from the inside. But that's just me.

Anyway, back to I Am ZoZo! The film was written and directed by Scott DiLalla and will be the first feature film ever to be shot entirely on Kodak's Vision 3 200T Super 8mm film stock! Groundbreaking, that's cool! It was shot in San Juan Island, Washington, last Halloween. Your stars are Kelly McLaren, Courtney Foxworthy, Demetrius Sager, Caleb DeBattista, Caleb Courtney and Darren Wayne Evans. It's brought to us by One World Studios.

All right, now that we're all hopped up on possessions and demons and pea soup, scroll down and feast your peepers on the first look at the film, a teaser trailer featuring a victim of the demon and a big ol' stand up bass. That's right!

Teaser Trailer Arrives for Ouija Thriller I Am ZoZo

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Source: I Am ZoZo Website



Wow! I really want to see this one. I have a gut feeling they may have gotten this Ouija Board movie right. Nothing like Indie style horror...beats "Hollywood" crap.

Submitted by Zampano8 on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 4:58pm.

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