This October Take a Trip to Raven's Hollow

The Halloween season, as per usual, will no doubt be brimming with all manner of sights and sounds designed to scare the shit out of you. The Internet will be no different as we received word of a pretty badass looking short film from Daredevil Films called Raven's Hollow.

Directed by Colin Clarke and starring Gavin Phillips, Travis Worthey, and Stephanie Pax, look for the flick to debut online some time in October. Keep it here for more information soon!

From the Press Release
On Halloween night, a rural ghost story comes true ... Billy, his sister Lisa, and her boyfriend Mike spend Halloween at the drive-in after trick or treating. When Billy threatens to walk home through a dark cornfield, Mike tells him a legend of Old Farmer Blood, who is said to have seeded his field with the blood of murder victims. When Billy disbelieves, Mike leads the trio into a nightmare of unrelenting terror.

RAVEN'S HOLLOW is a short film co-written, directed and animated by Colin Clarke, made entirely on home computers using off-the-shelf software. Clarke's previous credits include "Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman in 3D", and the Gothic superhero short films "Raven" and "Raven 2".

In addition to CG animation, RAVEN'S HOLLOW incorporates a motion comic segment which transforms line art, drawn by Andrew Carlson and colored by Colin Clarke, into three-dimensional animation.

RAVEN'S HOLLOW reunites the core creative team from "Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman in 3D" including co-producer and audio designer Andrew Carlson, co-writer Marc Packard, and score composer Andrew Kalbfus.

This October Take a Trip to Raven's Hollow

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Source: Raven's Hollow Online



James Coker's picture

EXCITED :) we need alot More Halloween Shorts

Submitted by James Coker on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 3:25pm.

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