New Ghosts Invade Disney's The Haunted Mansion

No, we're not talking about the upcoming movie or that damned Eddie Murphy crapfest from a few years ago. The big daddy spooky ride of them all - Disney's The Haunted Mansion - has gotten some new spirits to further the paranormal hijinx and fun!

"This morning Walt Disney Imagineering unveiled its most impressive and interactive effect to date, adding playful new versions of the famous Hitchhiking Ghosts in 'The Haunted Mansion' who take delight in pranking unsuspecting guests. The classic dark ride has always featured ghosts 'who follow you home,' appearing sitting next to guests by way of mirrors in the attraction's final scenes. With new technological advances, Disney's Imagineers have created more lifelike and fun ghosts than ever before seen in the ride."

So what do you think? Good new addition? Or should it have been left alone. Watch the video and let us know below.

New Ghosts Invade Disney's The Haunted Mansion

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Source: Inside the Magic



malcoJOJO's picture

I'm actually ok with this "upgrade". It's keeping the original feel, but boosting it up a bit. It's fun and entertaining! Good stuff.

~~ malcoJOJO ~~

Submitted by malcoJOJO on Tue, 04/12/2011 - 11:01am.

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