Jill Valentine Returns for Resident Evil 5

While there is no confirmed director or any other cast members at the moment, we do know one thing about the fifth film in the Resident Evil franchise ... Jill Valentine will be back and packing heat.

Over on the Twitter page of Sienna Guillory the actress just posted the following message - "RE:5 alert! Training begins! I aim to mostly put less in the big hole on the front of my face than comes out of the little one on my arse."

There was talk of a series reboot happening, but something tells us that if Guillory is indeed back as Valentine, then Resident Evil 5 will continue with the storyline set into motion at the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Also, if history can at all dictate the future, this next installment may actually be zombie-centric! Seems that every odd-numbered entry in the franchise has really showcased the living dead while the even-numbered ones ... well ... not only have they been home to the most minimalist zombie action, they have also sucked.

Stay tuned.

Jill Valentine Returns for Resident Evil 5

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NeoKefka's picture

My reaction when reading that headline: "Wasn't she already in Resident Evil F...uck, Paul Anderson's making another fucking movie isn't he?"

I wonder what cutscene from the game he'll lift whole hog for the climax this time!

Submitted by NeoKefka on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 12:24pm.

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