The Tapes are Uncovered in the UK

More cinéma-vérité style terror has just hit our radar thanks to the ever vigilant DC reader Avery. This one is coming in from our friends across the pond in the UK. Dare you watch ... The Tapes?

Yeah, the title is very generic, but as you'll see below, this flick looks pretty damned good. Scott Bates' UK found footage indie flick The Tapes stars Nick Nevern and Jason Maza.

Dig on the plot crunch, some early art, and even the trailer below. Look for more once more evidence is uncovered. Oh, shut up! It's fun to play along. Dig it!

In February, 2008, several tapes were recovered at the scene of a horrific crime. Shot by three youngsters involved and with the permission of their parents, the tapes are now being released as a warning to society.

The Tapes - Trailer
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The Tapes are Uncovered in the UK

- Uncle Creepy

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